Declutter Your Brand

It’s that time of year where we’re all doing the mad dash for that exquisite beach bod. Any quick diet to shed the pounds and forgo the intense workouts is always a viable go to remedy. Brands are no different, as summer fast approaches it’s time to declutter and check in. Is your brand holding onto old ways? What about your business, is it aligning with the right audience? Maybe your social media is in need of a makeover.

Brand decluttering is a fresh way to start the summer slow seasons while preparing your forward movement towards the craze of the holidays. Here’s how you can brand declutter:

Check Your Online Sparkle

Don’t be afraid to Google yourself. Take a look to see what your customers are saying about your brand. Better yet read what past employees are saying too. If you pretend like everyone loves you, your brand will never grow. The feedback you get are lessons to become better.

Change Your Social Media Tone

Are you posting the same old boring content? If you’re not bored of it yet, your audience probably is. So it’s time to inject some change in how you’re delivering your content. Maybe engaging in some friendly brand banter will garner some attention. Try poking fun at another brand.

Check The Pulse of Your Audience

Be honest here, has your brand matured or changed? If so then you want to make sure that the audience you’re  reaching is the right group of people. Ask yourself are there clients or customer that your brand needs to break up with?

Get Fresh

You might want to change up your offerings. Maybe there are some promotions you need to completely get rid of. Or maybe it’s taking to your website and revamping your online world.

Decluttering your brand shouldn’t be something that’s a seasonal thing but instead it should be done regularly. If your brand isn’t innovating then it’s definitely not staying relevant in these changing times.