Evoke The Human Factor In Your Brand

The corporate jargon and political correctness is so circa 1990’s. It’s that kind of boring marketing lingo that causes consumers to wince at the very sight of your brand. By fitting in and using the usual corporate cookie cutter language, brands will quickly lose customers. Today’s consumer is highly sophisticated with many facets to their own personality. So it’s only natural that they gravitate towards those brands who are equally and colorfully bold in the way they’re connecting.

 It takes courage and balls to think outside the box, shattering the status quo. But more and more brands are making that bold step, especially on social media platforms in order to be innovative. Here’s how your brand can evoke the human factor even behind a screen and a few keystrokes away from hitting send:  

 Friendly Banter With Other Brands

Yes, this is HUGE and scary. But if done right it can evoke a curiosity conversation with consumers and both brands. You can callout brands or joke about them but most importantly remember to do this in a respectable manner.

 Get Your People Involved

It’s not only important that your employees are engaging but also your customers. Brands have posted pictures on social media asking their followers to caption it. Usually the pictures are insanely funny because it evokes an emotion.

 You Silly Billy

It’s ok to get a little silly about your brand. There are brands who actually poke fun at themselves. This shows consumers that they don’t take themselves seriously all the time. Humor is the gateway drug to connection.

 Be A Part Of A Movement

If there is a social cause that your brand is passionate about, don’t be afraid to share it with your customers. They might actually appreciate you more for being real.

 Share Pictures Of Your Team

Consumers want to get to know brands, it’s kind of like dating. So do share pictures of those who are on your team. It’s just another way to connect with each other even though your behind a screen.