Reach The Future: The Power of Our Customers

Contributor Writer: Trejsi Hushi

Creating a powerful brand doesn’t come from the popularity you have.

Let’s say that you have the idea of what you want to do or that you even created your brand and have everything organized. Now, you ask yourself if there is anything else you have to do and the answer is simply yes. If you think about it, being successful is all about your customers. They are the key! You, as the founder of your brand, have less power than your customers. Listen to your customers because they will lead your brand to the future you want it to be in.

We live in a world where the customers have control over a brand and that is because the today’s technology has developed so much over the recent years.

They are the future of your brand because they decide how to rate it, how to speak of it, they believe whatever they want to and most importantly they listen to other customers. It is true that your marketing team can influence them, but it is very important to keep in mind that your customers speak different languages.

If your brand can learn to speak in its customer’s language, then it can transform possible to normal and impossible to possible. By speaking the same language as theirs and listening very carefully to the words they use. Your brand will benefit by getting the most important information out of it. You, as the founder of a brand, cannot build your brand based on your imagination, but instead in a way that your customer will feel welcome in.  

In today’s digital world, a good image of your brand is a priority, but to create a good image you have to listen to your customers. There are many websites that allows customers to write reviews about your brand and to even find information about it. They are able to communicate with former customers and collaborate with them, so the experience you offer to your customers is very important. Communicating with them to make sure they are satisfied can lead to a better image online, since your brand is more likely to be in their “favorite” list.

Online reviews serve to highlight your brand in a positive or negative light. As a brand, you want to always have positive views because online reviews spread across the internet and they influence other customers’ views when it comes to buying decisions. However, having some negative reviews as well, will not hurt your company but rather it shows that your brand is human. In the customer’s point of view, a brand with positive and a few negative reviews will be more favorable because they are being sincere about their image and not trying to hide their imperfections. That can build customers trust.

In addition to building customers trust, online reviews can help your brand show its personality. Of course, when you have reviews either positive or negative, a response from your brand should always follow up. Not only does it makes the customer feel like you care and pay attention, but also the way you respond to a review, or if you not respond at all, will show the brand’s personality to the public. If your brand is always taking care of the unhappy customers and thanking the happy customers, your brand personality will stand out more.

Listen to your customers, they will guide you!