Brand For Originality, Not A Copy

Contributor Writer: Trejsi Hushi

The thing is, you have an incredible idea in mind but you don’t know where to start. You do your research and found a bunch of information online. Great! Now you are influenced by all these “internet lies”. You check out a website where you found tips about how to create a brand based on someone’s view. But guess what? You are doing the wrong thing.

Sit down. Close your laptop, take a pen and a paper and write down whatever comes to your mind. Create a map, connect all your ideas and boom there is your future brand. I made it sound all easy right? What I’m trying to say is be you! Find something that you care about, something you’re passionate about because then you be so interested and work harder every day.

See, if you look at other big companies, they all did the same. It started with Facebook and now it’s Instagram. They’re both very popular in their own way. They both have their own target market. Many people thought Instagram was “stealing” a part of Facebook (the “photo saving”) and Facebook was going to lose most of its customers because of Instagram taking over, but that was not the case. Facebook is still strong!

In the real world we learn from other people and get their ideas and we come up with something similar and it’s the same for other companies. And don’t forget, well-known companies fall into this category too. Just because a company has the same idea as another one doesn’t mean they are copying each other. What makes them different and unique in their own right, is the way they operate.

Let’s go back to Facebook and Instagram and analyze it!

Facebook: Stories, photos/video sharing, messenger

Instagram: Photo sharing, like video, filters, direct messaging, mobility

As listed above, you see many similarities, BUT realize one thing, Instagram is about creating your own content. It’s unique in its own way. And the same thing goes for your brand. It doesn’t matter if it has some similarities with the other brands. Instead, the way your brand operates is the key difference to making it unique. There’s always a lot of room to be yourself.  Just get your idea out there, create something YOU like and test it. Let your customers and clients give you feedback and understand them. If you locate yourself where demand is, you will form supply. Nowadays you have to stand out and be yourself to be noticed. And that’s exactly what you have to do with your brand. Give it life and make it stand out.